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Satellite Clubs

What is a Satellite Club?

Satellite clubs are local sport and physical activity clubs that are designed around the needs of young people to provide them with positive and enjoyable experiences that make it easy for them to become active or to develop more regular activity habits.

Supported by or linked to a local community sports club or physical activity opportunity, satellite clubs should be designed in such a way that they respond to the specific demands for sport from young people and should be positioned to support young people at points in the disruption in their lives.

Satellite clubs should be targeted at young people aged 14-19. The core audience among this age group being those young people who are inactive or generally less active on a regular basis.

Are you interested?

For more information, please see the below document or visit the Sport England website. If you would be interested in organising a satellite club, please contact Lauren.

Lauren Cotton

Sport and Physical Activity Development Assistant (Legacy Maker)

Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council
LE15 6HP
01572 720909

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