Rutland Round

Saturday 21st May - Thursday 26th May 2022

65 Miles in 6 Days

If you enjoy walking and are looking for an extra challenge, then why not make 2022 the year you complete the Rutland Round?

The Rutland Round is a 65-mile circular route around the perimeter of the county, with its start and finish in Oakham and a couple of detours to visit Rutland Water. It was first launched in 2000 by John Williams, the then Rights of Way Officer for CPRE Rutland. Since then, the route has been completed countless times attracting determined walkers from far and wide. It has seen parties marking a significant birthday, fundraisers, and solo walkers.

As part of the annual Rutland Walking and Cycling Festival, our knowledgeable volunteer walk leaders will be leading walkers along the route and will be sharing their knowledge along the way. The 65-mile route will be split into six days starting on Saturday 21st May and finishing on Thursday 26th May. You can book to walk as many sections as you like or why not take on the challenge of the full Rutland Round.

As the Rutland Round is a circular walk, each day starts at a new location. Transport is available for each day to pick you up from the designated location (end point of the walk) and drop you off at the start point of the walk. You then complete that section of the walk and finish back at your car. Locations of pick ups and timings can be found in the table below, details will also be confirmed closer to the time. We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable about sharing a minibus therefore please let us know in the booking form if you'd like to access our transport or arrange your own.

All walkers need to be able to cope with stiles and need to wear suitable footwear and clothing (walking boots or strong footwear are essential). Dogs are welcome on the walks but need to be kept under close control and you must be able to lift them over difficult stiles. Please note the minibus doesn't allow dogs therefore alternative transport will need to be made. Please also bring your own refreshments and any other essential items.

Rutland Round Timetable




Parking / Pick Up Point


Walk Leader Contact

Saturday 21st May


Rutland Round
Oakham to Wardley

Lay-by on the north side of the A47 near Wardley, east of the Belton turn (near hungry hogs)

9.5 miles

Richard Siddaway
07519 376922

Sunday 22nd May


Rutland Round
Wardley to Seaton

Thompsons Lane, Seaton, LE15 9HU (at the rear of the pub, park along the hedge, north of the lane)

12.5 miles

Michael Gillon
07896 719698

Monday 23rd May


Rutland Round Seaton to Geeston

The Court House, Geeston, PE9 3RH (car park in the side field)

10.5 miles

Richard Siddaway
07519 376922

Tuesday 24th May


Rutland Round Geeston to Tickencote

OK Diner, Tickencote, PE9 4AD (overflow car park)

10 miles

Martin Shewry
07514 228845

Wednesday 25th May


Rutland Round Tickencote to Thistleton

Gateway opposite the Herb Nursery, Thistleton, LE15 7RE (leave building doors clear)

11 miles

Martin Shewry
07514 228845

Thursday 26th May


Rutland Round
Thistleton to Oakham

Tesco Car Park, Oakham, LE15 6BQ (please give your car registration number to the walk leader on the day)

12 miles

Martin Shewry
07514 228845

Booking Form

To book your place on all or part of the Rutland Round, please complete the booking form below and select the days you would like to attend and if you would like transport. Your email will be used to confirm your booking and to provide further details for parking and transport.

Please note that we advise you to carry your emergency contact details on you during these walks.

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Rutland Round Booking Form

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By agreeing below, you are declaring you are physically able to complete and meet the demands of the Rutland Round. Please note it is advised that you seek medical clearance before attending the Rutland Round if you have any previous or current medical conditions.

Please advise us if you are bringing your dog. Please note the minibus doesn't allow dogs therefore alternative transport will need to be made.

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