Leicester-Shire & Rutland One You

Leicester-Shire & Rutland One You is here to help achieve a healthier you by providing tools and support to make small, easy changes towards a longer, healthier life.

Making better lifestyle choices can improve our health. It's not easy in our busy lives - tempting treats, enhanced technology and entertainment from the sofa, but it's never too late to start!

One You is your opportunity to make a positive, healthier change, whether it be moving more, eating better, drinking less alcohol, going smoke free, dealing with your stress better, sleeping well and asking yourself – How are you? Every positive change will have a significant impact.

Our 'How are you?' page features health topics and provides you with advice and local services to support you to become more active, maintain a healthy weight and eat well, support you to quit smoking or drink less and advice on mental health and wellbeing.

Visit the Public Health website and complete the how are you quiz today to see your health score.

Local Support

On Wednesday 24th January we held a 'One You' campaign offering advice and support on becoming more active, maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, supporting you to quit smoking, drinking less and advice on managing your mental health and well being. On the day a number of local services attended to provide support within these key areas.

Please find below a list of partners who attended on the day including contact details and information about their service, and a PDF document with all their leaflets included:

Active Rutland

  • Contact: activerutland@rutland.gov.uk / 01572 720936
  • Services: Activity signposting, Exercise Referral Scheme, cardiac rehab, health checks, falls prevention and weight management.


  • Contact: info@vistablind.org.uk / 01162 498839
  • Services: Sight test and advice on rehabilitation, social groups, befriending and residential services.

Uppingham School Sports Centre

  • Contact: ussc@uppingham.co.uk / 01572 820830
  • Services: Exercise Referral Scheme, membership offers, timetable schedules and facility information.

Catmose Sports Centre

  • Contact: enquiries.catmose@sll.co.uk / 01572 490030
  • Services: Exercise Referral Scheme, walking football, walking netball, membership offers, timetable schedules and facility information.


  • Contact: info@inspire2tri.com / 01572 244224
  • Services: Exercise Referral Scheme, active rehab classes, membership offers, timetable schedules and facility information.

Nordic Walk It

  • Contact: igniteability@icloud.com / 07949 392018
  • Services: Local session information and a free taster.

Rutland Community Wellbeing Service

  • Contact: info@rutlandrap.org.uk / 01572 725805
  • Services: Alcohol, drugs, dementia, emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, housing, over 65, physical activity, quit smoking, sensory impairment, sexual health, volunteering and weight management.

Mental Health Matters

  • Contact: leicestershire.andrutlandmhm@nhs.net / 03003 230189
  • Services: Housing, community, employment, talking therapies and helpline services.

Let's Talk Wellbeing

  • Contact: letstalklcr@nottshc.nhs.uk / 01158 760157
  • Services: Psychological assessment and treatment for mild to moderate mental health conditions.

Excellence Physio

  • Contact: info@excellencephysio.co.uk / 01572 720491
  • Services: Physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports massage, nutrition, podiatry and reflexology.

Age UK

  • Contact: enquiries@ageukleics.org.uk / 01162 992233
  • Services: Information advice and advocacy services, health and wellbeing services, support for carers and support in the community.

SWS Nutrition

  • Contact: sarah@swsnutrition.co.uk / 07725 972927
  • Services: Nutrition therapy, functional medicine and metabolic balance.

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

  • Contact: info@lrwt.org.uk / 01162 629968
  • Services: Nature reserve, centre information, events, education, history, courses, walks and talks, birdwatching, volunteering and activities.

Travel for Rutland

  • Contact: sredmandavies@rutland.gov.uk / 01572 720975
  • Services: My Bike Scheme (reconditioned bike project), free adult cycling courses and green commute initiative.

Pilates with Liz

  • Contact: lizphyzpilates@gmail.com / 07981 257519
  • Services: Physio led pilates at the Active Rutland Hub.

One You Questionnaire

Please take some time to complete our physical activity questionnaire. Your feedback is highly important to us, and will help towards our aim to improve the physical activity provision in Rutland.

If you would like to complete the questionnaire on behalf of a family member, please receive their permission first and make a note of this in the 'Any other comments?' section.

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Physical Activity Questionnaire

Please provide us with an email address so we can deal with your requests

Please provide us with a telephone number so we can deal with your requests

This includes sport, exercising, brisk walking or cycling to and from places, but DOES NOT INCLUDE housework or physical activity that is part of your job

(Limited to 200 words)

This may include type of physical activity, how many times a week, how long you complete the activity for. e.g. I walk to and from work 5 times a week, each way takes me 30 minutes.

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E.g. there are no fitness classes in Whissendine

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