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Miss Hodgson
Miss Hodgson (PE Teacher, UCC) said:

"Many of the students were sceptical about the day and worried about what was in store for them. On arrival they were given a Rutland Girl can top which made them feel special and also gave them a group identity. Following the introduction, all the participants were involved in a highly energetic warm up which immediately settled their nerves.

Throughout the day, the girls took part in a range of activities including; FitSteps, climbing, dodgeball and the very popular Kick boxing. Part way through I stood back and watched my students and noticed the look on their faces; they displayed a great level of enjoyment, determination and most importantly confidence. Not only did they succeed as a group, but a number of students managed to achieved personal goals; for example one student had a great fear of heights and could barely leave the ground without shaking or quivering and after many failed attempts she still remained determined to reach the top. Her peers provided a great level of encouragement as she battled her fears and pushed on up the wall, it was an incredible moment when she managed to ring the bell at the top.

All of the students left this event with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. The impact of the event within such a short period of time was evident both on the day and in the post event feedback. Following the event many of the students and their families have expressed that they would like to see more events like this in the future."

A Parent said:

I just wanted to feedback how much my daughter enjoyed and benefited from the
Girls Can event. It was such a positive experience for her as someone
who has not got so much confidence in PE. She came home so proud that she was
the first person to volunteer and get to the top of the climbing wall. It is so
refreshing to see how powerful a different approach to encouraging physical
activity can be. I just wanted to thank you and the school for giving my
daughter this opportunity and I hope there may be more in the future.

Kind regards

A Parent

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