Family Activity Page

Home Boccia

Ever seen bowls being played? Now's your chance to take on your family in this adapted game of bowls called Boccia. Choose your opponent, grab your socks/balls/beanbags or anything you can get hold off and get bowling!!

Game can be played with between 2 - 6 players.

Rutland Round Challenge

Can you complete one of the targets within the Rutland Round challenge. Walk or Run with your family to keep active and healthy and see which target you can achieve

Football Keepy Uppy Competition

How many keepy uppy's can you do in 30secs? Take on the challenge and let us know your score

Maths at Home Sheets

Can you have a go at these Maths at Home sheets to discover things around your home?

Family PE Activity Board Games

Our Wednesday Family Activity Challenge this week is to try one of the two PE Based Activity Board Games at the links below:

These are great fun and a good workout for the whole family (especially if the dice are against you!).

Welcome to our Thursday Nature Explorers Challenge

Each week we'll give you the challenge of exploring nature within gardens, your local park, woodlands or even a hedgerow that you see as part of your daily exercise.

Week 1 Challenge - Explore Your Nearest Tree

Fun Friday Challenges

Lets be creative today and use one of the activities in the document below to come up with lots of new ideas and be active at the same time