Change 4 Life school clubs are aimed at children that are less confident in taking part in school sport, both in curriculum time and extra curriculum activities. The aim is for clubs to integrate physical activity into their lifestyles initially through active play then gradually incorporate sporty behaviour.

Alongside physical activities children will be invited to take part in cooking sessions, where they will be able to create healthy, wholesome meals and snacks.

Children will be encouraged to involve their families in their progress,by taking home fun tasks to complete each week.

The club should look out for positive changes seen in children and recognise and reward their achievements by putting on celebrations at their club sessions and inviting the children's families to attend.

This is a great way of boosting children's confidence in their sporting ability, their knowledge of the importance of healthy eating and over all self-esteem.

Positive changes will also transfer into the classroom where children will be happier, healthier and more confident in taking part in class activities.

Who Will Run The Clubs?

  • School teachers
  • Sports Leaders
  • Parent helpers
  • Young leaders from your school

What Help Will You Receive?

You will receive help to set up the club and help with running the first few sessions.

This will entail a few ready made session plans, sourcing Sports Leaders to help you run the club, some free kit and plenty of change for life resources - including a new cook book and activity catalogue.

If you would like to sign up your school to host a Change 4 Life club please fill in this form.

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