Active Families

Looking for some activity inspiration to do together as a family? We planned these activities during the Covid-19 lockdown however they are a great resource to pull out at any time and adapt with what you have around the house.

Activity Board Games

Try one of these PE based activity board games:

These are great fun and a good workout for the whole family (especially if the dice are against you!)

Family Activity Tracker

  • Family Activity Tracker (PDF, 708 Kb)

    Track your activity as a family, total it up each week and see if you have reached your move goals.

Tree of Life

  • Tree of Life (PDF, 5.1 Mb)

    Take some time out and have a go at the Forestry England Tree of Life wellbeing activity.

Forest Bathing

  • Forest Bathing (PDF, 245 Kb)

    Forest bathing is a great way to spend time outside with nature and to de-stress.

Wildlife Spotter Challenge

  • Wildlife Spotter Challenge (PDF, 3.1 Mb)

    This is a challenge from our friends at Forestry England which can be adapted to use within both rural and urban settings. The challenge is to see how many of the 9 categories you can spot and tick off your sheet. You don't need to go to the forest for this, simply explore how much nature is all around you.

Tree Trumps

  • Tree Trumps (PDF, 3.3 Mb)

    Download and play a game of Tree Trumps to get to know the different species growing in our woods and discover some of their leafy secrets!

Nature Activities

The Woodland Trust have pulled together some simple, nature-based activities you can enjoy together at home or in your garden.

Airborne Challenge


  • Dodgeball (MS Word, 870 Kb)

    This dodgeball resource gives you a new way to play, in a safe space at home.


Have a go at this free dance tutorial and get that body moving.

Make Your Move Challenge

Up in the Air Game

  • Up in the Air Game (MS Word, 139 Kb)

    Have a go at this fun balancing game with your family using a sheet, some balloons, balls and toys from your home.


  • Basketball (MS Word, 184 Kb)

    Can you challenge someone at home to this adapted basketball competition?

Half Term Challenge

  • Half Term Challenge (PDF, 341 Kb)

    See how many of these challenges you can tick off, from building a den to going for a walk, there's lots of ideas to try.

Outdoor Snow Games

  • Outdoor Snow Games (PDF, 189 Kb)

    If snow is falling, see how many different games you can play in the snow before it melts.

Sitting Volleyball

  • Sitting Volleyball (MS Word, 142 Kb)

    Have a go at this adapted version of volleyball in your lounge by using a balloon or beachball.


  • Yoga (PDF, 56 Kb)

    Whatever your level, have a go at some of these yoga sessions from beginner through to advanced.

Dream Jar Challenge

  • Dream Jar Challenge (PDF, 111 Kb)

    Try the Dream Jar Challenge from Forestry England. It asks you to think positively about your hopes and dreams for the future.

Leaf ID Challenge

See if you can complete the Leaf ID Challenge, it's a great way to learn how to identify a variety of leaves.

Obstacle Course

  • Obstacle Course (PDF, 386 Kb)

    Set up your own obstacle course, time yourself and see if you can beat your previous score.

One Piece at a Time

  • One Piece at a Time (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

    Let's build our puzzle one piece at a time. Every day choose an activity from each box or one of your own. Once you've completed an activity, colour in one piece with the same number and colour in your smiley face puzzle. Continue with the next activity until they are all completed.

Reaction Skills

Download the Home Court basketball app and have a go at the reaction skills workout. Challenge your family and friends to see who's the best!

10 Minute Shake Up Games

NHS Healthier Families have created 10 minute shake up games. Get the kids moving with these fun games inspired by some of their favourite Disney characters. These boredom-busting activities will help them reach the 60 active minutes they need every day!

Target Alley

  • Target Alley (MS Word, 199 Kb)

    Have a go at this target based game and improvise with objects you have around the house.

Throwing Challenge

Sports Clubs Creative Activity Pack

Be creative and try a new activity from the Change4life activity pack and see what ideas you can come up with to adapt the activity.

Explore Your Nearest Tree

Maths at Home

Football Keepy Uppy Challenge

Rutland Round Challenge


  • Boccia (MS Word, 168 Kb)

    Ever seen bowls being played? Now's your chance to take on your family in this adapted game of bowls called boccia. Choose your opponent, grab your socks / balls / beanbags or anything you can get hold of and get bowling!

Rob Lewin

Rob Lewin

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